For years, Lyons Development has remained the go-to source for clients and their Realtors when it comes pre-purchase evaluation, home inspection report analysis, and accurate project planning. Our vast experience in consulting has helped turn our clients into some of the most informed investors in the marketplace today. Our consulting services include:

Development Feasibility and Opportunity Assessment: Lyons Development provides in-depth analysis of the real estate market conditions for existing residences and prospective projects. Working hand-in-hand with existing clients and potential real estate investors, we help guide and supplement the decision making process by providing extremely valuable and current information allowing for responsible and reliable execution and desirable results.

Cost Consulting: We provide comprehensive cost consulting for any project. Using market data, we can accurately estimate material costs for any project through years of internal cost data collection and information from established, reputable subcontractors and thorough analysis of their project bids.

Construction Project Management (CPM): As construction project managers, Lyons Development aids our clients in the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. Since our primary goal is to meet our client’s objectives and build a functionally and financially viable project, we work in total alignment with our clients’ interests and focus on meeting their expectations on every level—from schedule and quality to budget.